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               In Babylon, the player embodies a god apprentice in charge of managing and protecting a working team of minions to build towers as ordered by other divinities. He has to put his minions at work on the different resource islands and protect them from the incidents they cause, using his divine powers.

Graduation Project for SupinfoGame Rubika,  developed  by :

  • Frédéric Leger - Lead Game Designer / Sound Designer
  • David Delseray-Pousse - Technical Game Designer / Narrative Designer
  • Clément Rigondet - Lead Artist / 3D Artist
  • Clara Soro-Bablet - Concept Artist / 3D Artist
  • Grégoire Eymon - Technical Artist / 3D Artist
  • Benoît Devienne - Project Lead / AI Programmer / Gameplay Programmer
  • Robin Mathieu - Gameplay Programmer

A big thank you to :

  • Yoann Turpin - Composer
  • Superflame - Voice Actor
  • Castor Mother - Voice Actor
  • Mendax - Voice Actor

Nominated for :

  • Ping Award 2017 - student game category
  • Laval Virtual Fantasy Demo 2017


Babylon.zip 482 MB


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The menus don't seem to work during the game.  I got stuck when I was asked to build a pillar, and there's no way to get the tutorial guy to repeat what he said.  So I struggled for a good 15 minutes, tried to mind a playthrough but couldn't.  Ended up uninstalling the game.